Ableton Live Summer Course

 '5 day's of learning, experimenting, sampling and creating'


June: 3 - 7      
June: 17 - 21
July: 1 - 5
every day from 10:00 - 18:00 
Price: (ex) students € 200,- / new student € 300,-
Location:  Beatfabriek Amsterdam Chasséstraat 87

In this 5 day Summer Course you will learn the basics of making electronic music in Ableton Live.

From the get go you will make music, record your ideas and figure out the effect possibilities.

There will be a turntable and vinyl for the sampling assignments or a recorder to get yourself a live taste of your surroundings and put it in your tracks. You will learn how to make music out of every sound you can make and record. Ofcourse besides sampling sounds, you will learn to make sound out of a synthesizer. How do you make your awesome bassline, or how do you make your lead synth for the melody?

You get 5 days how to learn and how to play.

In our new location at Chasséstraat 87 we will have several rooms to make music. Do you want to sit alone with a headhone, no problem! Do you like to share your sound with your (new) music partner? No problem! Go downstairs in 1 of our studio's and create your tracks together. 

You can pick up a midi keyboard, Push or a microphone out of our closets and go for it!

The main goal of this course is creating music, networking and experience electronic music together.


Chasséstraat 87 Amsterdam Netherlands