Electronic Music Production 1 (EMP 1):

This is the basic course of electronic music production. The EMP 1 course teaches you to produce your own track. You will learn the important principles of electronic music in an accessible and creative way explained. During the course you will, for example, use drum computers, make your own sounds and beats and learn how a synthesizer works. You get an answer to the question how to make your own song or remix with all this techniques. During the course you will learn to work step by step with the Ableton Live software. We also work with Logic Pro and FL studio. There are 8 meetings of 1 hour. Subjects:

- Introduction to software

- Beats - Arranging in different genres

- Ableton in Overdrive (Sound Effects).

- The Art of Sampling

- Design your own sounds (Synthesis)

- Mix it all together - Remix contest.

- Bring your music to the stage.

Electronic Music Production 1 (basic)

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