Electronic Music Production 2 (EMP 2):

If you have completed EMP 1 you may find out that behind each one subject, covered during EMP 1, thereis a whole world of possibilties.

If you do find this fascinating, or you just enjoy becoming a better producer, we invite you to discover the secrets of the craftsmanship of electronic music to get to know the production during the EMP 2 course.

Everything is explained in a creative and approachable way.

When you have completed the course, you are ready to share your knowledge to use it in your own personal way. 8 meetings of 1 hour. Subjects:

- Build a rock solid groove (the holy grail of dance music)

- Build your sound.

- Create your own effects.

- Multi-layered composition.

- Larger than life mixing.

- Mastering.

- Bring your music to the stage.


Electronic Music Production 2 (advanced)

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