Ableton Live

Learn to work with one of the most popular music making software, Ableton Live. In this very popular course you will learn to work with Ableton, but you will also learn the basic techniques of making electronic music.

The following subjects will include:

- Software overview: what is Session and Arrangement view

- Make your own beat! Learn to work with Ableton's drum kits or design your own.

- Effects & Automation: Which effects can you apply and how does this do what I want?

- Art of Sampling: How to use other tracks and how to process fragments of it into your own track

- Synthesis: Create your own sounds with 1 of Ableton's synths

- Mixing your track: How do you make your track sound as cool as your heroes?

If you take the Ableton Live or Electronic Music Production course, you will receive a 40% student discount through us when you purchase the Ableton Live program.

Ableton Live Course Amsterdam

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