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The Electronic Music Professional

Founded in 2013, Beatfabriek is a collective of electronic music professionals specialised in tailor-made electronic music production (EMP) courses, one-on-one DJ lessons, and a unique coaching & mentoring program. Our mission is to help passionate people of all levels develop their musical talents to their highest potential.

Beatfabriek is a creative and open environment where you can build a future in the electronic music industry--whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist.

Our Studios

The Beatfabriek network is composed of professional and enthusiastic instructors, with successful careers ranging from 10 - 30 years as DJs and producers. They are dedicated to providing you an engaging and fun learning experience--as well as sharing secret tips and tricks they’ve picked up during their own careers!

We work with a diverse range of artists that play and produce in genres ranging from all types of electronic beats, to pop and hip-hop.

Musical Career Coaching & Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring program guides trained musical artists in launching professional careers in the EMP industry. We connect you with valuable contacts in our network that best match your profile, and work closely with you to start your electronic music career on the right note. 

You can also contact Beatfabriek for the following:

  • Talent Search & Development

  • Management Concept Development 

  • Showcasing Guidance 

  • Music Teaching & Coaching

  • Bookings 

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Did you start to making music with Ableton and you have some basic questions left? Come to our 'walk-in' Q&A's every friday. Start june 3rd between 17:00 - 19-00 at Chasséstraat 87, Amsterdam. Bring your laptop with Ableton Live. If you don't have Ableton you can download a 90 day's demo from



Dj's in the likes of Chris Liebing, Paula Temple, Rebekah, Richie Hawtin and Perc are dj-ing without turntables and cdj's.
They collected for themselves the perfect machines around them to perform other artists music but also music from themselves. How are they performing and what equipment do they use? We will tell all about it in this introduction session. We want to bring the art of DJ back!

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